Our Canyons

Family (from 7 years)

Le Clue du Terminet

40€ / adult         30€/children ( until 11)

Un A very fun canyon ! Acessible for all the family! A lot of jumps, water slides and abseilings in a very clear water....A great environment, in the nature in a canyon made of amazing pink rocks.


Pleasure ( from 11 years old)

La Vialais

40€/adult       30€/children (until 11)

A wonderful canyon with a lot of jumps and abseilings. Perfect for a sports day with friends !


Sportsman (only for initiated persons))

Llech, Albès...


A lot waterslides, great abseilings and spectacular jumps !


Included in the price : all the equipment necessary for the canyon ( wetsuit, harness...). You have to take your car to go to the departure of the canyon.



- 10% from 4 persons

- 20% from  8 persons

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